Staff Training Week 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 22, 2012: The day 150 staff from all across America converged on a summer camp in Missouri to help make this the best summer K-Kountry has ever seen. WE had a mission to prepare not only this place for this arrival of the kids this summer, but to also prepare ourselves for God’s ministry. Ahead of us we had memories that would last a lifetime, work that set the stage for the summer, training to allow us to be great counselors, and most of all spiritual preparation to prepare our hearts for this summer and beyond.
K-Kountry Staff Week
We love to get fired up and go crazy every minute, dress up in costumes on a 103 degree day, and cheer every number spoken over a microphone. Not exactly what you would call normal. It didn’t take long though for this place to catch on and pick up its stride. Before you knew it lifelong friendships were being made and new counselors were already becoming Kanakuk pros.

Mickey Fiesta Night
Staff training week started off with a bang when we all pilled in our cars and drove down to the local Sonic, and had us an old fashioned dance party right there in public! It is always such a special night being able to dress up in a costume theme as a barn and show the Branson community what Kanakuk is like. The fun didn’t stop there though! From the fireworks at Big Cedar to the square dancing at the Hoedown Party we had an unbelievable time!
Big Cedar Staff Week
There was plenty of work that needed to be done in order to prepare kamp, and our hearts were ready and willing to get everything ready! Counselors were being trained in the fine art of hype-ness at bumblebee, and taught how much fun we have at our kamp parties. The dust was pushed aside, the paint given a fresh new layer, the tennis nets hung up, the footballs inflated, the pool filled up, and the mulch laid down in the church. Finally kamp was coming to life once again!
Work Week Leaf Crew
From the mulch crew to nights off at the Branson Landing, we had quite a bit fun around here. But we had created more than just fun, as cheesy as it sounds, we truly had created a family. And now that kids have arrived, we must say goodbye to staff training week, and for now session 2 staff. Our mission has now begun here, and we have launched in to another unbelievable summer here at K-Kountry. Moments of wonder will occur, and lives will be changed. Session 1 staff, lets rock this! Session 2 staff, don’t worry…we will have some hot coffee cake waiting for you when you get here!
Cookie Staff Training Week

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