Party in the U.S.Cave!

Friday, June 29, 2012

What is a caveman's favorite type of music?...Rock and roll! Badumm-psh! Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week! Last bight was the Boulder Dash Bash party, and boy did it rock! Our favorite caveman Bunny and his family stopped by K-Kountry for the night, and decided to party with us like it was the year 2012 B.C.!

Everything you can imagine was there! From caveman finger painting, to cave raving! For just one day, having a leopard print toga was THE fashion style! The clock was turned backwards at K-Kountry for one night, back to a time when things were far more simple. A time when vocabulary was traded for grunts, and dodge balls were traded for rocks! 

This party was a very fitting end for what has been such an incredible term! It feels like just yesterday that term 2 began, and while it may have gone by fast, it could not have been any more fun! We have enjoyed some incredible parties, gotten hype at K-Life, made new lifelong friends, and have dug in the Bible and learned things that will carry with us all the way back home! Term 2 has been nothing short of amazing!

Could it get any better than this?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

While walking around yesterday afternoon with groups going through the Man Day and Chica Dia stations, something another one of the staff had said the other day really began to sink in for me...I have the honor of being able to spiritually invest in these kids every day, to ride on tubes with them on the lake, to go down water slides with them, to storm the beach with them, to create cupcakes with them...could I possibly be in a happier place on this earth?

Yesterday was Man Day and Chica Dia, a day where chaos ensues, yet spa sessions thrive. Wait...are we sure we can have that happen all at the same place? Yeah its the Kountryside, fun IS our name, we can most definitely handle this!

From starting the day off right with fireworks and warball, to getting our mani/pedi on, we had a great time! 

Stations such as "Rush the mound", "king of the tube", "storm the beach", "cupcake creations", and "spa and swim" filled all of K-Kountry with smiles and laughter throughout the day! 

The fun wasn't over once the sun set, however. After the sun had gone down, the real warriors and princesses came out! For the kuks, we had commando night. A night where you as a barn must travel around kamp to find the hiding commandos and their plutonium. Find the most plutonium and you have earned yourself some nice Sonic shakes! The komos side enjoyed some incredible skits, put together by none other than our tribal Princesses! From the moment I heard the Lion King's theme song at the beginning of the first skit, I knew we were in for something great!

Honestly we could not have asked for a better day: the sun was out, blue skies, all our friends were here, and we had an unbelievable amount of fun! It is hard to think that there is only one more full day ok kamp before you arrive parents! We can't wait to see you and tell you all of our stories! And we also can not wait to welcome you back to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Fun in the Sun-Day

Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome to a Sunday Funday! Enjoy sleeping in, grab some coffee cake, and have fun in the water ALL. DAY. LONG!!!

This week at K-Kountry:

This segment is something we would like to do once a week, where we wrap up all of the events the best we can that have been happening at K-Kountry the previous week, in one post. It is not always easy to keep up every day with the happenings of kamp, so we hope that this will help focus everything together and bring the previous week to a close.

This week at K-Kountry:

  • We celebrated the re-birth in Christ of a kamper who accepted Jesus in to her life, and was then baptized. 
  • We wished every Father out there a happy father's day, and thanked them for all that they do for us!
  • We partied Hollywood style, as all of the stars were out walking the red carpet!
  • Moriah Peters joined us at K-Life for an incredible night of worship.
  • The pageantry of college football hit K-Kountry, as we enjoyed some classic Air it Out football!
  • We had our own London 2012 Olympics in Branson, as we had fun at our annual track day!
  • Kamp friends are lifelong friends
  • And we had a blast at Dr. Blaster's Digital Disaster!
We had an amazing week, and can't wait for this next one! Half way through term 2, but we haven't even come close to getting our fill of fun!

Dr. Blaster's Digital Disaster

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Make sure your pocket guard is secured, your suspenders pulled tight, and your glasses are taped up...because we are going to war!

Yesterday morning the "B13" generator, the power source for all of K-Kountry, was stolen from us. Without the B13, kamp would only be able to survive for a matter of hours. So we needed every kamper and staff to get their gear on, and head in to battle!

We were lucky enough to be able to fly in an expert in this matter, Dr. Blaster, from the FBI to help us solve the crime. Following Dr. Blaster's instructions, we made our way throughout kamp trying to find clues, and bits of binary codes that might allow us to track down the B13 generator.

After "trek"ing our way through kamp we had compiled enough codes to allow Dr. Blaster's satellites to triangulate the B13's location, as well as a picture of a "W" that may have given us just enough of a clue to figure out who stole the B13 power source. 

We were able to crack the code and find the B13 power source to save kamp, however, we are still unsure of who would ever want to harm K-Kountry like that. Wonderfully K-Life number four is tonight, so something Wonderful may happen tonight to lead us to who may have Wonder-ously taken the generator! Make sure to stay tuned and follow the blog, as well as K-Kountry's twitter (@KanakukKKountry)!

Making new friends

Friday, June 22, 2012

The idea of kamp itself is admittedly slightly crazy, hundreds and hundreds of kids pouring in every year from all walks of the country to come together and have the best summer of their lives. That is something that makes kamp even more special, however.

Twelve guys or girls are put in a barn for two weeks, most likely without anyone previously knowing each other. Yet, by the time parent's day arrives it would seem as if everyone had been friends their entire lives. It is something so special to see a barn transform from a group of kids, in to a family.

It is something you don't necessarily see, realize, or understand until it happens. A memory is made going down the slough slide, out on ski trip, or during one of the parties, and lifelong friendships are created. Friends that stay with you from your middle school graduation, all the way until you come back to work on staff here. 

There is no way that you can put in to words how much a friend means, and to see such incredible friendships blossom at kamp is something else really. 

At kamp we are not only having the time of our lives, not only having way too much, but we are also making new friends; friends that last a lifetime.

Make sure to keep up with this blog, and follow all the updates on the K-Kountry twitter!

Roll out the red carpet!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So let's get this right, there was Captain America, the Hulk, Katniss Everdeen, Indiana Jones, Batman, Scooby Doo, and the Ghostbusters all under the same roof?! Sounds like quite a Hollywood party to me!

Under the lights the stars were shining last night! After having a ton of fun hanging out over at K-Kaui's water park, we made our way back to K-Kountry to enjoy all the glitz and glamour we could handle! Every celebrity and superstar you could imagine was there, and having the time of their lives!

We danced the night away, while smiles and laughter were anything but a rarity! Not only was the party itself incredible, but the costumes were unbelievable! It was something else being able to watch every kid's face light up as they walked the red carpet with their costumes on. Whether they had on something simple, or incredibly elaborate, everyone felt as if they were the star of the show!

It was such an incredible evening, one that will resonate throughout the rest of the summer! We had so much fun being able to dress up, go crazy, and just have a blast! Hollywood may have all of the glamour, but K-Kountry truly is the happiest place on earth!

Happy Father's Day

Monday, June 18, 2012

From everyone here at K-Kountry, we hope everyone has an amazing Father's Day! We can not tell you enough father's how much we appreciate you! It can not be said enough times how much of a difference you make in all of our lives! 

From teaching us how to tie our shoes, to taking us out on the lake learning how to fish for the first time, dads you are always there for us. Thank you for everything you do, because without you life simply wouldn't be the same. We love you dads!