See You Next Summer!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

That's a wrap on Summer 2014!! We have been "Fully Charged" at K-Kountry all summer long. Whether it was clinics, parties, or our time in Barn 13, we have given our all in everything that we have done. It has been so fun to see every kamper and staff member push toward giving God glory in all things. We are thankful for all the Lord did inside the big red gate. The Gospel was proclaimed, hearts changed, and names added to the Kingdom. If that doesn't make for a fully charged summer we don't know what does. Thank you to everyone who helped make this summer so great!

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See you in 2015!!

World Kup!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The night was alive last night with sounds, tastes, and sights of the world! Campers came prepared with soccer jerseys and global attire, which blended into the rest of the night's party decor! Barns rotated through stations represented by various countries, and got to participate in games of American Warball, Asian Sumo Wrestling, Human Mexican Foosball, a French Painting Course, and an African Safari. In the midst of the nights activities, all campers stopped in the midst for our "Taste of the World Dinner." The dining hall transformed into a World Fair with various food stations. Campers ate "French" Fries, Dessert Sushi Rolls, Egg Rolls, Jamaican Fruit Kaboobs, and much more! The night's activities came to a completion with a dance party and bomb pops, and echoing shouts of laughter from a night packed with fun and new experiences for all!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Term 4 has kicked off strong, as campers and counselors have embraced each day's events with excitement and giddy anticipation for what is to come. As both a camper and counselor favorite, our K-Life nights are always much anticipated, and that has remained true with the start of this new term! With only two K-Life's under our belt, we have already met and interacted with a number of characters, such as Millie and Lillie - our beloved British superstars, the evil and threatening Dr. Floberg and his pet Yeti, and our lovable programming friend, Calvin, who shared with us a catchy new dance. We've played games such as "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie" in which our girls team took home the victory! All of these skits and games continue to bring laughter and memorable moments, but the real event of each K-Life is our Gospel Skit. The campers were introduced to our Pa, the lovable, caring father at the Circle K Ranch. Conversations are already beginning to take place inside and out of the barns as our campers are asking questions concerning the gospel as a result of this skit! Please pray with us as we anticipate the continuation of this play, as well as many more fun K-Life's to come with the rest of this term!

Happy 4th of July!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Arktic Tundra Konundra

Thursday, July 3, 2014

We had a drastic weather change last night as our campers arrived back to K-Kountry from time spent at the K-Kauai Waterpark to a winter wonderland! Campers were surprised by the snowy landscape created by our foam machines, Christmas lights, and paper snowflakes. Our nights activities involved ice hockey in the dining hall, sipping on coca-cola with friendly polar bears, snowman creations using marshmallows and various candy pieces, and a big screen viewing of the movie "Frozen." The evil villain, Professor Floberg, made a guest appearance towards the end of the evening, as everyone stood cheering when he was blobbed in defeat into the pool by the likable hero, the Yeti! And while ev eryone was grateful that his defeat allowed for summer to be brought back to the Kountryside, the stories and memories from our cold and winter night will be shared for years to come!

Term 3 Opening Day!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wow, the summer is already flying by!   Yesterday we were so excited to welcome our new term 3 kampers.   One of our favorite traditions at K-Kountry is getting to introduce kampers upon their arrival.   Each kamper is called up individually on stage to be announced and find out what barn they are in.   Our heartbeat behind this is to make each kamper feel immediately special when they get to kamp.   It is a moment for them to feel famous and to get to hear our entire staff cheering for them!  The counselors then run up on stage and grab their new kampers.   We pray that moment is the starting line of an incredible friendship!  


K-Kountry Term 2 Closing Ceremonies

Friday, June 27, 2014

We can hardly believe that two weeks has flown by this fast!   Parents we can't wait to get to see you Friday evening, but are also incredibly sad to have to say good bye to this group of kampers.  It has been an incredible two weeks filled with amazing amounts of laughter and memories to last a life time.  

We expect the weather to be warm so dress in comfortable clothes and walking shoes.  We will also be having a picnic dinner on our fields. The insider tip is to bring a blanket or something else to sit in the grass with for dinner. 

During Parents Ceremonies one of our most favorite things is Cabin Awards.  Each kamper is given a certificate with two outstanding qualities that the counselors recognized in that kamper during their time at Kamp.   It is a way for us to get to reintroduce the kampers back to their parents after two weeks of fun and growth in the Lord.   Each kamper is also given a ribbon award that highlights another characteristic we have noticed.  These are precious awards given out of love and admiration of the potential we see in each kamper!  Definitely a moment that you don't want to miss. 

Parents we look forward to sharing this night with you!  See below for the Friday night Parent's Ceremony schedule. 

Man Day and Chica Dia

Thursday, June 26, 2014

One of the most anticipated days of kamp is truly Man Day and Chica Dia.   A day for the boys to be Men and the girls to celebrate being Ladies.   This year was one to be remembered.  For the boys, there was a great amount of war paint, grilling, adventure, and laughter.   The morning was filled with commando training exercises, and then an afternoon playing at water activities in Tarzan Land.  Their day culminated with each kamper camouflaged head to toe, preparing themselves for Commando Night! Each barn ran around kamp with their team of specialized commandos, on a massive counselor hunt. 


For the ladies it was a day of team work and adventure.   Cadet Kelly made an appearance at Kamp to help get all the girls trained and ready for anything.  The morning was filled with an amazing race type challenge that motivated an entire barn to work together.   The afternoon held an incredible talent show from all the barns.  Then it was off to a picnic dinner and a massive tactile game of capture the flag on the fields.  The fog rolled in on Lake Taney Como and the setting could not have been more beautiful as we ended the night with a campfire, s'mores, story telling, along with praise and worship.  Chica Dia highlighted all the amazing facets of being a girl!


Bumble Bee

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A day at K-Kountry is jammed packed with continuous activities, lots of laughter, and of course.......a ton of honoring kids.  We absolutely love any opportunity that we can get to help kids to gain confidence in any area of their life.  One of the greatest ways we get to do that is through a tradition call the Bumble Bee award.   The legend of the bumble bee is that its wing span is too small to support the weight of its body, yet it still manages to fly.  This feat is only accomplished by an extraordinary amount of effort.

 Daily we give out a bumble bee award to girl and guy kampers who exemplified this type of amazing effort.  Earning a Bumble Bee is quite an honor around here.  Parents please look for this small seemingly insignificant button to come home with your kamper. It may seem like just a button, but it is an award and accomplishment worthy of praise!

Super Sunday

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sundays at Kamp are packed with tradition.  It is a day that we change up the schedule, and slow down the pace just a little bit.   Our day always starts with the Kanakuk World famous koffee cake!  It is a recipe beloved by all.

Next comes the I'm third church service for our Kampers. Kanakuk is founded on the I'm Third principal of God first, others second, and I'm Third.   So many kampers take this principal to heart quickly, seeking to follow Christ first and serve others before themselves!

For lunch the tradition is to have fried chicken, and then write what we call chicken letters.  These are letters that used to be written to earn your meal ticket into Sunday lunch, but now we just take an opportunity to write home and tell our parents thank you!

After FOB we have an afternoon of Wet and Wild adventures!  It is all things wet and crazy in the sun! All these traditions and activities is why this day at Kamp appropriately gets labeled, Sunday Fun Day!

Sunshine and Smiles

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The days have been jammed packed here at K-Kountry!   Full days and full hearts are our favorite way to live.  Being half way through our term, it is amazing to see the friendships that have developed and the memories that have been made.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, than we hope that these pictures can give a small window into the incredible time we are having at Kamp!  

Off and Running!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Kamp is in full swing here at K-Kountry!  We can hardly believe that our first week of kamp has flown by so fast.  We are happiest here when the barns are full of abundant laughter, so this last week we have been ecstatic!  Many memories and moments of wonder have already been made.   Here are a few highlights from our week so far. 
Our incredible staff has had non stop enthusiasm!

The Indian tradition is still strong here on Kanakuk and Kanakomo hill.  

We celebrated the Artic Tundra Party with huge snow drifts, snow men, polar bears, and of course a snow ball fight! 

The boys getting to be champions at the Air it Out Tournament 

"Girls Night Out" Celebration 

 The World Kup Party

And of course, friendships we pray that will last a lifetime!