Man Day and Chica Dia

Thursday, June 26, 2014

One of the most anticipated days of kamp is truly Man Day and Chica Dia.   A day for the boys to be Men and the girls to celebrate being Ladies.   This year was one to be remembered.  For the boys, there was a great amount of war paint, grilling, adventure, and laughter.   The morning was filled with commando training exercises, and then an afternoon playing at water activities in Tarzan Land.  Their day culminated with each kamper camouflaged head to toe, preparing themselves for Commando Night! Each barn ran around kamp with their team of specialized commandos, on a massive counselor hunt. 


For the ladies it was a day of team work and adventure.   Cadet Kelly made an appearance at Kamp to help get all the girls trained and ready for anything.  The morning was filled with an amazing race type challenge that motivated an entire barn to work together.   The afternoon held an incredible talent show from all the barns.  Then it was off to a picnic dinner and a massive tactile game of capture the flag on the fields.  The fog rolled in on Lake Taney Como and the setting could not have been more beautiful as we ended the night with a campfire, s'mores, story telling, along with praise and worship.  Chica Dia highlighted all the amazing facets of being a girl!


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