Bumble Bee

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A day at K-Kountry is jammed packed with continuous activities, lots of laughter, and of course.......a ton of honoring kids.  We absolutely love any opportunity that we can get to help kids to gain confidence in any area of their life.  One of the greatest ways we get to do that is through a tradition call the Bumble Bee award.   The legend of the bumble bee is that its wing span is too small to support the weight of its body, yet it still manages to fly.  This feat is only accomplished by an extraordinary amount of effort.

 Daily we give out a bumble bee award to girl and guy kampers who exemplified this type of amazing effort.  Earning a Bumble Bee is quite an honor around here.  Parents please look for this small seemingly insignificant button to come home with your kamper. It may seem like just a button, but it is an award and accomplishment worthy of praise!

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