Shadow Gang rollin in to town!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The good, the bad, and the best party EVER! Last night K-Kountry rounded on up to the great city of Tombstone, Missouri to experience the great 'ole west! The lower courts at kamp transformed from a place of tennis and basketball, to a place of wonder, six-shooters, and sack racin'!

The party all began in the morning, as the Shadow Gang rolled in to town demanding all the gold kamp and Sundance had. If we didn't come up with enough gold, kamp would be finished! In order to muster up as much as we could find, we made our way through Tombstone's stations to earn gold. Stations like: tossing the outlaw out the window, archery and riflery competition, and even some gold fish! 

As the night wore on, and the sun had set...the Shadow Gang moved their way in to the midst of all of the crowd to collect on their gold. The tension was high, as it seemed we hadn't collected enough gold for the Shadow Gang. Just as it seemed that there was just too many Shadow Gang members to handle, Sundance stepped up to save the day! Showing the quickest draw this side of the Mississippi, Sundance handled the Shadow Gang all by himself...saving the day, and saving kamp! 

It was time to celebrate, and it was time to get our dancing boots on and have a us a good time! We celebrated with bomb pops and dancing, and it could not have been more fun! By the end of the night we had all had a blast dancing, racing, and even outlaw tossing!

Night of the Olympiad

Monday, August 6, 2012

Light the torch, start the ceremonies, and get ready...because it is the Night of the Olympians! Last night, in the spirit of the Olympics, we at K-Kountry had a night of champions, crowns, and games! 

The night was spent throughout kamp by trying to break records by going down the water slide the fastest, seeing who did the most cannon balls, and who could stay on the blob the longest!

It wasn't all about competition though, as we also had a blast just hanging out and having fun in the pool! After all of the victors had been crowned, it was time to celebrate! And there is just no better way to celebrate then with ice cream and a little bit of a dance party! Last night was a great time to be an olympic participant, and a great time to be in kamp to enjoy all of the festivities!

Crank up the heat!

Friday, August 3, 2012

The calendar has officially turned its page to August, and if you have ever been in Branson in August you know exactly how hot it can get here! So how exactly do we go about beating the heat? Pool slides, trapezes, the blob and more of course!

Getting in the pool and having a great time is never something you will have to tell anyone at kamp twice anytime of the summer, especially when it gets pretty warm! So since it has been quite toasty here lately, it has given us even more excuse to constantly be in the water; whether it be in the pool, in the slough, or in the lake!

Something at kamp that we love to do is a thing called "polar bear club". K-Kountry sits right next to Lake Tanycomo, which due to a dam is unusually cold for any lake. So what polar bear club ends up being, is a collection of the brave young soles who dare the cold waters of the lake for as long as they can. Whether anyone stays in for a minute, or they stay in for twenty, it is so much fun to hear everyone's stories about how they conquered the icy waters of Lake Tanycomo!

Coach Boone from Remember the Titans may have famously said that water is not your friend, but at K-Kountry that could not be farther from the truth! At any given moment walking through kamp, you will undoubtedly hear laughter coming from the pool, see smiles walking up from the water zipline, and fun all around!

Air it Out football!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Texas Fight! Boomer! Sooooner! Wreck em' Tech! Fight On! The pageantry of college football yesterday descended on K-Kountry, as the tradition of Air it Out football yesterday once again made its way to Kanakuk!

After a morning of track & field, all of the guys side of kamp make their way down to the lower fields, where we find what school we will be playing for. The afternoon is filled with unbelievable plays, huge smiles, and enough celebration to last a lifetime!

Once the four conferences (ACC, SEC, Big 10, & Big 12...yes the Pac 12 is noticeably missing), have crowned their champion, and the victor of those semi-finals has is time for the Air it Out championship game! Last night's game pitted the Big 12 champion Kansas State, against the SEC champion Arkansas.

Serving as one of the referees last night was so much fun! Truly words can not describe how much of a highlight last night was! It had been raining here at K-Kountry sporadicly throughout the day, but once the championship game came around the rain had mostly passes, leaving behind just a light mist and fog. Walking down on to the field, as the fog from the lake started rolling in, was a sight that sent chills down my back. The scene could not have been any more perfect!

Last night was possibly the most heart pounding, epic, thriller of a game that K-Kountry may have ever witnessed! A nine overtime, high scoring barn burner, after a last second hail mary touchdown in regulation, seems to be the best way to summarize how incredible of a game it was! By the end of the game it didn't even seem like it mattered who won; it was such a good game, and everybody had fought so hard that the scoreboard had become irrelevant. By the end everyone had poured so much in to the night, that it had become a moment of wonder for all.

Hollywood, California...Hollywood, Missouri?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lights, Camera...Party! Hit the lights, roll out the red carpet, and get your popcorn ready, because the show is about to begin! Yesterday was the Holllywood party here at K-Kountry, and it could not have gone any better!

The party all began when we got word that K-Kountry was being considered to be the location for the next big blockbuster movie! The catch though, was that we had to prove ourself at a pool party! We had to rock out and show we could handle all the fame!

After we had a ton of fun in the pool, lazy river, and down all of the water slides, we made our way to the upper gym in all of our costumes. It was hard to believe all of the stars that were there! With Tom Cruise, Superman, Spongebob...and even a surprise concert from One Direction! We went all out and had an incredible amount of fun! The costumes were wild, the stars were all out, and the fun was out of this world! Hollywood no longer resided in Southern California...because Branson, Missouri had officially taken over as the movie capitol of the world!