Crank up the heat!

Friday, August 3, 2012

The calendar has officially turned its page to August, and if you have ever been in Branson in August you know exactly how hot it can get here! So how exactly do we go about beating the heat? Pool slides, trapezes, the blob and more of course!

Getting in the pool and having a great time is never something you will have to tell anyone at kamp twice anytime of the summer, especially when it gets pretty warm! So since it has been quite toasty here lately, it has given us even more excuse to constantly be in the water; whether it be in the pool, in the slough, or in the lake!

Something at kamp that we love to do is a thing called "polar bear club". K-Kountry sits right next to Lake Tanycomo, which due to a dam is unusually cold for any lake. So what polar bear club ends up being, is a collection of the brave young soles who dare the cold waters of the lake for as long as they can. Whether anyone stays in for a minute, or they stay in for twenty, it is so much fun to hear everyone's stories about how they conquered the icy waters of Lake Tanycomo!

Coach Boone from Remember the Titans may have famously said that water is not your friend, but at K-Kountry that could not be farther from the truth! At any given moment walking through kamp, you will undoubtedly hear laughter coming from the pool, see smiles walking up from the water zipline, and fun all around!

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