Party #4: Holiday

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Drop that giant ball, grab a four-leaf clover, wave the American Flag, and get ready to sing “O Holy Night” because this summer K-Kountry is packing a whole year’s worth of holidays into a single day at kamp! Imagine your favorite things about the holidays—valentine’s candy, patriotic tunes, bowl games, trick or treating, Thanksgiving dinner, Jingle Bells -- all served up during the very best part of the year - summer! So dig out some Irish green, those old bunny ears, and a funky old Christmas sweater for this mega celebration: it’s Holiday - ALL DAY - at the Kountryside!

Party #3: Old School

“Toadstool party…did somebody say toadstool party?” Not toadstool, Granny—OLD SCHOOL! This summer we’re going to party like we born in 1929! That’s right—the Old School Party is an unprecedented celebration of our elders—those folks who grew up but never grew old—who’s spirit is always young! With tons of years of tomfoolery, high jinks, and monkey business under their belts—we’re looking to the Super Seniors of Shenanigans to help us throw the wildest, craziest, and (“dag nabit”) most geriatric party in the history of Kanakuk! So, put on your plaid pants, your orthopedic shoes, your knitted afghan, and break out your walker—it’s time to party. We’re going to kick some jams, bust some moves, maybe even “break a hip” or two—but we’re doing it old school style!!

Party #2: Swashbuckler's Delight

Ahoy there me hearties. Tis’ a fine season for swashbuckling and pillaging and the like! Rrrrrr ya ready for an adventure on the high seas? This here party is not for the faint of hearrrrrt. Rather tis’ for those who would brave the tide against all kinds of danger, for those who fix their eyes on the horizon, and for those who can smell treasure a mile away! Ye heard me right maties…treasure! “Tales of old” point the compass toward K-Kountry for bountiful bounty buried somewhere nearby. So, bring yer hooks, yer eye patches, yer swords, and yer treasure maps…and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Anchors away and all aboard…for this summer that old pirate flag will fly again!

Party #1: Amigos Amigos Amigos

Hola, senors and senoritas! This summer we will fiesta like never before. Join us for a party hotter than a jalapeƱo, more delicious than a Chaco-Taco, and more fantastic than the tango! We will eat the salsa, we will dance the salsa, and we will beat the piƱata-grande until it showers forth the colorful candy of victory like a waterfall in the Amazon! Travel with us south of the border to experience the colors, the music, the flavors, and the drama of a Mexican Festival! Remember to pack your favorite poncho, sombrero, and Chihuahua for a gigantic celebration of summer—you will love this party, IT’S THE BEST!!!

Leadership Weekend

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Each spring, the K-Kountry Leadership Team spends a weekend together here in Branson planning the worlds greatest parties, talks, and surprises that will make this the most incredible summer ever. We even found a little time to fit in some 80's style roller skating. Here are some pictures from the weekend...

Half Pipe Harry is Irish?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Well, we know that St.Patrick's Day was two months ago, but we thought it was never too late to post a little message from Half Pipe Harry. Happy St. Patrick's Day...just a few days late.

Also, a little insider information. There is rumor that Half Pipe Harry has a little friend that will be joining him this summer who also lives under the half pipe. No furry creatures have been spotted around K-Kountry, but that has been the rumor floating around.

We're Back!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Barn 13 is back in the blogosphere! Sorry that we were offline for two months, but we are back and boy do we have a ton of stuff to send your way. We have so much stuff that we might be posting twice a day! Be on the lookout for lots of videos, pictures, and new things coming your way this summer. It's going to be awesome!