Party #3: Old School

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

“Toadstool party…did somebody say toadstool party?” Not toadstool, Granny—OLD SCHOOL! This summer we’re going to party like we born in 1929! That’s right—the Old School Party is an unprecedented celebration of our elders—those folks who grew up but never grew old—who’s spirit is always young! With tons of years of tomfoolery, high jinks, and monkey business under their belts—we’re looking to the Super Seniors of Shenanigans to help us throw the wildest, craziest, and (“dag nabit”) most geriatric party in the history of Kanakuk! So, put on your plaid pants, your orthopedic shoes, your knitted afghan, and break out your walker—it’s time to party. We’re going to kick some jams, bust some moves, maybe even “break a hip” or two—but we’re doing it old school style!!

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Unknown said...

it was fun. It was my favorite party!