Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas from all of your K-Kountry friends….

KK Christmas Card


Staff Reunion in Dallas

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reunion Logo

It’s that time of year again…when the weather begins to cool, the football games are here, and hundreds of past, present, and future K-Kountry staff rally in Dallas, TX to remember old memories and create new ones. 

The details…

6:00pm – K-Kountry Staff Dinner @ Torchy’s Tacos

Come join the K-Kountry crew as we break bread together.  We will be at Torchy’s Tacos at the northwest corner of Forest Lane and Preston Road.  The address is 5921 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX.  Click here for a map.

7:00pm – Kanakuk Staff Reunion @ Watermark Community Church

After dinner, we’ll join all the other Kanakuk staff for the annual Texas A&M/Arkansas reunion at Watermark Community Church.  Watermark is located at 7540 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX.  Click here for a map.

See you in Dallas!

Thank You

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well, it is hard to believe that Summer 2011 has crossed the finish line.  It is always so sad to see the big red barn doors close one final time as everybody heads back home. 

Summer 2011 was an awesome summer!  It is hard to put into words what a great summer it was.   So many memories made.  So many friendships formed.  So many lives changed. 

We are so thankful…


  • Thankful for our maintenance guys who keep this place running.
  • Thankful for Hortencia, Sam, and the rest of the kitchen crew.
  • Thankful for the Administration folks for keeping us going.
  • Thankful for the creative artist that makes this place so fun.
  • Thankful for the best staff in the whole world who keep serving.
  • Thankful for our kamp families who believe in us and this ministry.
  • Thankful for the kampers who bring life to this place.
  • Thankful for the safety of this place.
  • Thankful for the memories that his place creates.
  • Most thankful to the Lord for being so faithful to us day in and day out.  He is our joy and why this place exist.  All Glory to Him!

Thank You for an awesome summer.

Only 290 more days until next summer!

Off and Running at K-Kountry

Monday, August 1, 2011

Yesterday, we hit the ground running here at K-Kountry with our first full day of activities.  We jumped in the pool, rode some waterslides, and even managed to pick up a few goodies at the kamp store.





Last night was tribal night here at K-Kountry.  This night of wonder was full of tribal spirit as the Kickapoo’s, Kiowa’s, Choctaw’s, and Cherokee’s welcomed the 1st year kampers into their tribe.


Opening Day – Term 5

Opening Day at K-Kountry is always so fun.  The sounds. The colors. The excitement is contagious.  From getting assigned your “barn” to meeting new friends at the picnic…Opening Day is a day to remember.


Meeting your counselors…


Getting moved in with friends…


Being silly at the picnic…


Term 5 is here and we are ready for the best term yet!

Life on the Farm

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

*Warning if you have not been to kamp yet this message contains spoilers about our gospel skit!  Read on, carefully. *

One of the foundational things that makes K-Kountry such a special place is our Gospel Skit.   Each year the theme changes but the message always rings true.  We have had story lines involving everything from Super Heros to Candy Factories.   We have great set designs, lighting, music, and elaborate costume designs.  We go to great effort to find creative ways to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ and package it in a way that our kids at kamp can understand.  There are 5 K-Life nights at kamp to coordinate with the 5 scenes of the Gospel skit.  Each K-Life a new scene is introduced, until the much anticipated last K-Life where the entire Gospel Skit is performed.

This year the title of our Gospel Skit is Life on the Farm.  The basic storyline is about some sheep on a farm that get bored with their life of chores, bluegrass music, and the same routine each day.  The farmer reminds them that they have all they need provided for them on the farm and they are safe there.   Instead of listening to the farmer, they decided to disobey him and set out for an adventure in the forbidden white woods.   There they are led astray and captured by Jazz playing wolves.  The wolves plan on having them barbequed for dinner…..but in the midst of great despair the farmer comes to their rescue!   He gives himself in their place to save them.   It is amazing picture of what Christ did for us.  

Our last K-life is a night that we are so thankful to see the Spirit move in great ways.   Last night was no exception.  Our director Collin Sparks ties together the entire Gospel Skit with a talk about surrendering your life to the Lord.  This year his talk even included a live baby lamb!   The wonder on the kids faces is incredible as the look at the lamb and realize how our Great Sheppard cares for us.  


Friends for Life

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One of the greatest things about kamp are the friendships created here.  Friendships that are grounded in Christ.  Friendships that last a lifetime.  It is always amazing to see how the Lord uses this place to bond these special friendships. 





The Time of Our Lives

We apologize for the lack of blog updates over the last few days.  We have been running around having the time of our lives.  Here are a few things we have been doing over the last week…

It has been hot here at kamp, so we have been playing in the water a ton…



Running hard at the track meet…


Keeping the tribal spirit alive…


Having a blast on canoe trip…


Getting ready to kayak with friends…


Chillin’ out at the Jamaican Me Crazy Party…


Water gun fights for Super Sunday Funday…


Showing off our skills at the Air It Out football tournament…


Having a blast at the Knight At The Faire Party…



It has been an incredible term so far.  We can’t wait to see what the next few days will hold.

Session 1 Staff Highlights

We are so blessed here at K-Kountry by our amazing staff.  Each summer, they give, serve, sacrifice, and love kids so that Christ would become more famous.  They are the hero's that make this place run. 

It’s a Boardwalk Mystery

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On Monday, the “money” from K-Kountry went missing.  The kampers and staff were determined to find the culprit and bring him to justice.  Clues of this great mystery started appearing after playing life-sized versions of Chess, Operation, Hungry Hippos, Candy Land, Battleship, and other famous board games. 





After a great night of fun and mystery, the crime was solved and the money was retrieved thankfully.  Boardwalk mystery solved!

Beating the Heat

Here at K-Kountry, the temperature has been quite toasty the last several days but we love it.  It just means that we have to play in the water more.





A Knight to Remember

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Each term, our Knight at the Faire party is magical.  It is always full of knights, princesses, dragon slayers, chivalry, and of course…lots of wonder.  The memories are endless, like….

Eating dinner at the King’s Table…



Or getting dressed up with friends…


Or sword fighting…


Or corn cob races…


Or jousting with a the knights…


And of course, it wouldn’t be a “knight” to remember without a good ole fashion sword fight for the King’s daughter to end the magical party.


It Was A Wacky Wednesday

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Each Wednesday, we change things up a bit.  We get rid of our normal daily schedule and change the pace up a bit.  After sleeping in and breaking up by age to do Character Kamp in the morning, it was time for the highly anticipated Track Meet. 

This year, we are doing one big track meet with both the guys and girls.  It is really fun to have everybody down at the track where tribal spirit is full effect.  From the cheers to the pop of the starter gun, the sounds of the track meet will make you smile.




In the afternoon, the guys competed in the Air It Out football tournament while the girls kept the tribal competition going at the Swim Meet.



The girls finished up Wacky Wednesday with an adventure race that ended with ice cream sundaes!