The K-Kountry Flood

Thursday, April 28, 2011

After raining for the past 10 days, the Ozarks are drenched and flooded….really flooded.  We are running out of places to put all the water. 

Have you ever wondered what K-Kountry looks like under water?  Well, here you go…

IMG_0813The Lower Fields

IMG_0814 The K-Dome

IMG_0812The Road to the Lower Fields

IMG_0811The Tennis Courts

IMG_0818 Nature Area

IMG_0826 The Slide Pool

IMG_0828 The Baseball Fields


The Archery Range

IMG_0831 The Dock & Kuk Campout

Leadership Weekend 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This past weekend, the 2011 Leadership Team was in town as we continue to prepare for the best summer ever.  Here at K-Kountry, we are so blessed to have such incredible leaders who love Jesus and are committed to helping kids find life in the Gospel. 

There are some really fun and exciting plans in the works for this summer and we cannot wait to get started.  Come on summer!

Here are some pictures from Leadership Weekend:






Chiefs & Princess Weekend

You know that summer is rapidly approaching when the K-Kountry Chiefs & Princesses come to Branson for a weekend retreat of planning, praying, and playing.  It was so fun to have our awesome chiefs and princesses here this last weekend as we continue to build momentum for the summer. 





Watch Out…Tribal Competition is going to be awesome this summer!

Ecuador Videos

Here is a video re-cap from the 2011 Kanakuk Ecuador Mission Trip:

Here is a photo journal of our trip: