Life on the Farm

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

*Warning if you have not been to kamp yet this message contains spoilers about our gospel skit!  Read on, carefully. *

One of the foundational things that makes K-Kountry such a special place is our Gospel Skit.   Each year the theme changes but the message always rings true.  We have had story lines involving everything from Super Heros to Candy Factories.   We have great set designs, lighting, music, and elaborate costume designs.  We go to great effort to find creative ways to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ and package it in a way that our kids at kamp can understand.  There are 5 K-Life nights at kamp to coordinate with the 5 scenes of the Gospel skit.  Each K-Life a new scene is introduced, until the much anticipated last K-Life where the entire Gospel Skit is performed.

This year the title of our Gospel Skit is Life on the Farm.  The basic storyline is about some sheep on a farm that get bored with their life of chores, bluegrass music, and the same routine each day.  The farmer reminds them that they have all they need provided for them on the farm and they are safe there.   Instead of listening to the farmer, they decided to disobey him and set out for an adventure in the forbidden white woods.   There they are led astray and captured by Jazz playing wolves.  The wolves plan on having them barbequed for dinner…..but in the midst of great despair the farmer comes to their rescue!   He gives himself in their place to save them.   It is amazing picture of what Christ did for us.  

Our last K-life is a night that we are so thankful to see the Spirit move in great ways.   Last night was no exception.  Our director Collin Sparks ties together the entire Gospel Skit with a talk about surrendering your life to the Lord.  This year his talk even included a live baby lamb!   The wonder on the kids faces is incredible as the look at the lamb and realize how our Great Sheppard cares for us.  


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