Night of the Olympiad

Monday, August 6, 2012

Light the torch, start the ceremonies, and get ready...because it is the Night of the Olympians! Last night, in the spirit of the Olympics, we at K-Kountry had a night of champions, crowns, and games! 

The night was spent throughout kamp by trying to break records by going down the water slide the fastest, seeing who did the most cannon balls, and who could stay on the blob the longest!

It wasn't all about competition though, as we also had a blast just hanging out and having fun in the pool! After all of the victors had been crowned, it was time to celebrate! And there is just no better way to celebrate then with ice cream and a little bit of a dance party! Last night was a great time to be an olympic participant, and a great time to be in kamp to enjoy all of the festivities!

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