Super Sunday

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sundays at Kamp are packed with tradition.  It is a day that we change up the schedule, and slow down the pace just a little bit.   Our day always starts with the Kanakuk World famous koffee cake!  It is a recipe beloved by all.

Next comes the I'm third church service for our Kampers. Kanakuk is founded on the I'm Third principal of God first, others second, and I'm Third.   So many kampers take this principal to heart quickly, seeking to follow Christ first and serve others before themselves!

For lunch the tradition is to have fried chicken, and then write what we call chicken letters.  These are letters that used to be written to earn your meal ticket into Sunday lunch, but now we just take an opportunity to write home and tell our parents thank you!

After FOB we have an afternoon of Wet and Wild adventures!  It is all things wet and crazy in the sun! All these traditions and activities is why this day at Kamp appropriately gets labeled, Sunday Fun Day!

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