Arktic Tundra Konundra

Thursday, July 3, 2014

We had a drastic weather change last night as our campers arrived back to K-Kountry from time spent at the K-Kauai Waterpark to a winter wonderland! Campers were surprised by the snowy landscape created by our foam machines, Christmas lights, and paper snowflakes. Our nights activities involved ice hockey in the dining hall, sipping on coca-cola with friendly polar bears, snowman creations using marshmallows and various candy pieces, and a big screen viewing of the movie "Frozen." The evil villain, Professor Floberg, made a guest appearance towards the end of the evening, as everyone stood cheering when he was blobbed in defeat into the pool by the likable hero, the Yeti! And while ev eryone was grateful that his defeat allowed for summer to be brought back to the Kountryside, the stories and memories from our cold and winter night will be shared for years to come!

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