The Digital Disaster!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nooooooo! The unthinkable has been done! The unspeakable has occurred! The unbelievable has happened! Yesterday morning a travesty occurred...the Barn 13 generator was stolen! If you don't already know of the "B13" generator, it is the power source for all of K-Kountry. The machine that takes all of the "hype-ness" from kamp, and turns it in to energy to power everything at K-Kountry. Without the B13 there is no way K-Kountry would have to shut down!

Someone quite dastardly must have pulled off this scheme to try and ruin K-Kountry. Luckily enough for us, however, we had a crew of scientists come in and try to form a new code that would recreate the power of the B13.

With our barns we made our way around kamp to try and help the scientists find the missing pieces of the code and attempt to save K-Kountry. We ran in to some crazy characters along the way, though. Everything from learning how dance like a robot, to fueling back up the flux capacitor for the Delorean to be able to travel back to the future!

Thanks to all of the hard work of all of the kampers and scientists we were able to crack the code! We had saved K-Kountry! So naturally after saving the day, just like anyone else would do, we celebrated! We kicked back, danced and enjoyed some ice cream sandwiches!

All was good once again at K-Kountry: the day was saved, we had made new friends, and we had celebrated in to the night!

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