Dr. Blaster's Digital Disaster

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Make sure your pocket guard is secured, your suspenders pulled tight, and your glasses are taped up...because we are going to war!

Yesterday morning the "B13" generator, the power source for all of K-Kountry, was stolen from us. Without the B13, kamp would only be able to survive for a matter of hours. So we needed every kamper and staff to get their gear on, and head in to battle!

We were lucky enough to be able to fly in an expert in this matter, Dr. Blaster, from the FBI to help us solve the crime. Following Dr. Blaster's instructions, we made our way throughout kamp trying to find clues, and bits of binary codes that might allow us to track down the B13 generator.

After "trek"ing our way through kamp we had compiled enough codes to allow Dr. Blaster's satellites to triangulate the B13's location, as well as a picture of a "W" that may have given us just enough of a clue to figure out who stole the B13 power source. 

We were able to crack the code and find the B13 power source to save kamp, however, we are still unsure of who would ever want to harm K-Kountry like that. Wonderfully K-Life number four is tonight, so something Wonderful may happen tonight to lead us to who may have Wonder-ously taken the generator! Make sure to stay tuned and follow the blog, as well as K-Kountry's twitter (@KanakukKKountry)!

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