K-Life #3

Friday, June 8, 2012

K-Life number three was last night, which means the hype factor was turned all the way to 10 out of 10! We got to see more of the gospel skit, even more crazy characters visited us, and we made sure to have even more fun!

The gospel skit at K-Life is an amazing tool to take a funny play, and show the kids the true meaning of the gospel and what it means. Each K-Life night we are able to see one more piece of the skit, as well as how it correlates to our lives and Jesus. The gospel skit creates such a great bridge of understanding what faith in action looks like, and ultimately how great our God is.

Last night was a great night to laugh, watch, and have a great time. For the one-weekers this was their last K-Life, so they were able to see the rest of the gospel skit in its entirety. For the rest of us, we still can't wait to see how it ends!

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