Making new friends

Friday, June 22, 2012

The idea of kamp itself is admittedly slightly crazy, hundreds and hundreds of kids pouring in every year from all walks of the country to come together and have the best summer of their lives. That is something that makes kamp even more special, however.

Twelve guys or girls are put in a barn for two weeks, most likely without anyone previously knowing each other. Yet, by the time parent's day arrives it would seem as if everyone had been friends their entire lives. It is something so special to see a barn transform from a group of kids, in to a family.

It is something you don't necessarily see, realize, or understand until it happens. A memory is made going down the slough slide, out on ski trip, or during one of the parties, and lifelong friendships are created. Friends that stay with you from your middle school graduation, all the way until you come back to work on staff here. 

There is no way that you can put in to words how much a friend means, and to see such incredible friendships blossom at kamp is something else really. 

At kamp we are not only having the time of our lives, not only having way too much, but we are also making new friends; friends that last a lifetime.

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