The Night of Olympians

Monday, June 11, 2012

Can you hear it? The horn has been sounded, the torch lit, the ceremonies prepared...that is the sound of the 87th annual Night of the Olympians! This is a night where the greatest athletes in the world come to K-Kountry to challenge anyone to break any of their various world records. From Phil Mickelson on the greens of the Master's challenging any to a hole-in-one contest, to the greatest luchadore of all-time, Senior Lightning, defending his title.

Whether you were going for records or not, there was more than a heaping of options to choose from. Whether your fancy be with the blob, the trapeze, the rings, four square, cup stacking, wrestling, checkers, water balloon launching, or teatherball, K-Kountry was buzzing with action last night!

Under the lights many records were shattered last night, but even more importantly we all had a blast! After the ceremonies were complete, we made sure to finish out in olympic style and have some bomb-pops!

Last night marked the halfway point for term 1, which is already crazy to think about. Its hard to believe that this week has gone by so fast! We've had so much fun so far, but this next week is going to be even better!

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