Party in the U.S.Cave!

Friday, June 29, 2012

What is a caveman's favorite type of music?...Rock and roll! Badumm-psh! Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week! Last bight was the Boulder Dash Bash party, and boy did it rock! Our favorite caveman Bunny and his family stopped by K-Kountry for the night, and decided to party with us like it was the year 2012 B.C.!

Everything you can imagine was there! From caveman finger painting, to cave raving! For just one day, having a leopard print toga was THE fashion style! The clock was turned backwards at K-Kountry for one night, back to a time when things were far more simple. A time when vocabulary was traded for grunts, and dodge balls were traded for rocks! 

This party was a very fitting end for what has been such an incredible term! It feels like just yesterday that term 2 began, and while it may have gone by fast, it could not have been any more fun! We have enjoyed some incredible parties, gotten hype at K-Life, made new lifelong friends, and have dug in the Bible and learned things that will carry with us all the way back home! Term 2 has been nothing short of amazing!

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