Moments of Wonder (Ski Trip)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Yesterday was the first full day of term 3, and it was such an incredible day! From ziplines, canoes, warball, tribal night, and more, we had such a blast! I just wanted to briefly talk about a ski trip I was able to drive for yesterday, though; and specifically about something called moments of wonder. Moments of wonder is a phrase we love to use here at K-Kountry when referring to the difference between creating a fun environment, and one that will last way beyond any summer.

Yesterday I was able to go out on ski trip with kuk barn 12, whom are some of the oldest kids in kamp, and have the privilege of hanging out all morning on the boat with them and their counselors. For ski trip we take the kids out on the lake and drive about 15 to 20 minutes to the area we like to water ski or tube in. (For anyone that has felt how cold Taneycomo lake is right by kamp, you will understand why we drive a little bit away from kamp.) Once we arrive, we take the kids tubing/skiing all morning, until around noon when we stop on the lake to eat lunch and have a devotional.

So what does all of this "moment of wonder" and being out on ski trip have anything to do with each other? Well the best way to truly describe when a moment of wonder occurs is: you can't predict it, you can't plan it, but when it happens it is something you will never be able to forget. 

Yesterday's events all began with a hot Missouri summer day, which led everyone to want to jump in to the lake and chill out for a second, which turned in to "king of the tube", which turned in to flips off of the tube, which turned in to talking about how we as counselors were trying to live our lives for God, which turned in to how we need to grow up in this world with the image of Christ, which turned in to the best ski trip ever.

Somewhere in between goofing around and the devotional, we had all created such an amazing time, that I personally could not really believe it. Like I had said, a moment of wonder is nothing you plan for. You may very much hope for one to spring up, but you can never predict when they may happen. When I had come back from this particular ski trip[ yesterday, however, I knew the instant I touched back on the dock that we had all just experienced a moment of wonder that we would never be able to forget. A day that was so much fun, but was so much more than fun.

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