Calling all Cowboys, Sheriffs, & Outlaws!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome to Dodge City, one of the finest establishments this side of the Mississippi! We have all the fixins you could ever want in a town, and all the entertainment you can handle!

Why we have everything from sack racing and six-shooting, all the way to archery and saving the damsel in distress!

We in Dodge City pride ourselves on keeping a clean town, but unfortunately we had the Shadow Gang roll in to town demanding all of our gold. To try and protect ourselves from the Shadow Gang, we had to come together last night and muster up as much gold as we could find and earn!

Wouldn't you know it though, it is never enough for those outlaws! Luckily, we had the man with the fastest draw in the west on our side: Sunset Cassidy! Thanks to Sunset we were able to push those Shadow Gang folks on out of town, and save the day! After the town was safe, we had ourselves a regular ole' hoe down and the danced the night away with some sweet tooth treats (aka ice cream sandwiches and bomb pops)! It was a great time to be a citizen of Old Dodge City!

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