The B13 power stolen!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Last night at K-Kountry was the digital disaster party, and boy was it a ton of fun! The day had started with some horribly horrible tragic news, when we found out that the "B13' power source generator had been stolen! The "B13" is the generator that gets its energy off of kamp's level of hype to power all of K-Kountry. Without the "B13" kamp would no longer exist! So our mission (and don't worry, we did choose to accept it) was to use the aid of our new friend Dr. Blaster, and track down the "B13" power source!

We trecked our way through kamp as a barn to several various stations to earn binary codes, codes that would help triangulate the "B13"'s location! We learned how to make an explosion out of mentos and coke, we beat the legendary Bobby Fischer at chess, danced with a robot from the future, found the slough monster, and we even played a little bit of pac man!

After we had combed through kamp to find any binary codes we could, we made our way up to the upper gym to see if all of our hard work had payed off. After quite a bit of work, Dr. Blaster put the codes together and found that the "B13" had been hidden at kamp! It was a tight one, but luckily we were just in time plugging the power source back in! After all the hard work we had done saving K-Kountry, it was time to celebrate! So we got our robot on and danced, with of course the aid of some ice cream!

The party was a huge success, and we had a blast while we were searching for the codes! We are still unsure of who stole the "B13" power source, though. However, It is K-Life number 4 tonight, so you never know who will show up! We may just in fact end up catching the criminal tonight!

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