What does a day at K-Kountry look like?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

At Kanakuk K-Kountry there is always something fun going on! And when I say always, I mean always! From the moment we all wake up at eight in the morning, to the time we head to bed, our schedule is jam packed with awesomeness! But what exactly does that schedule look like?

Kuks and Komos schedules vary slightly, allowing for all of K-Kountry's space to be taken advantage of. So while Kuks have best barn first thing in the morning, a time to clean the barn, komos are up at devotional learning a new part of the devo rap; and visa versa. After that we all meet up at what we call the platform, where we have a morning skit each day, as well as celebrating any birthdays we may have that day.

After we have all had breakfast though, is when the schedule begins to really open up! During first period komos will go to their klinics. Kampers choose which klinic they want from a plethora of options such as: kayak, soccer, basketball, dance, football, gymnastics, and all-sport! While komos are at klinics, all of the kuks will be at their morning activity. Going with their barn, kuks will be at stations like archery, rifelry, the zip-line, water slides, and more. Their roles reverse, however, after first period, when komos head to activities and kuks head to klinics.

From here, both kuks and komos will head to Bumble Bee! Bumble Bee is an awesome opportunity for us counselors to be able to brag on kids for the incredible feats, awesome attitudes, and overall effort they have shown at their respective klinics! We love to have crazy characters, unbelievable stories, and ridiculous events happen at Bumble Bee, which in turn easily becomes one of the highlights of the summer for everyone involved!

The afternoon is very similar to the morning, with the exception of klinics being replaced by competition. Competition period is a time each day for every kuk and komo to be able to go crazy competing in a different sport each day for their tribe. Each and every Cherokee, Choctaw, Kickapoo, and Kiowa go all out for the sport itself, as well as constantly cheering on their tribe!

Each night we will have our evening activity, which will either be one of our fantastic parties, K-Life, or even occasionally a movie night! Evening activities are an absolute blast, and are always such an incredible way to end our day at K-Kountry! We always have a lot going on here at kamp, but we also always have an incredible amount of fun! We love to help create lifelong memories and moments of wonder here at kamp each day of the week, and every day of term; so that hopefully, each day can be considered the greatest day ever, at the happiest place on earth!

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Looks amazing! My son is packed and ready for Term 10.