Welcome to the Wild, Wild West!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaw! Round up all the cowboys, outlaws, and desperadoes...we're fixin to have a good 'ole fashion hoe down! Last night at K-Kountry we had the Wild, Wild West party! The party began in the morning when the Shadow Gang rolled in to town, asking Sundance for all the gold he had. IOf Sunset didn't pay up, he the gang would take his wife and all of kamp with them.

To make sure that didn't happen we called out to all the little sheriffs in kamp to save the day. Rounding up as much gold as we could find, we tried to save kamp one golden nugget at a time! 

After everyone had run around to the various stations, we pooled together all of the gold we had earned from the night to see if it was enough to pay off the Shadow Gang. Fortunately for us, Sundance didn't need our gold at all. Sundance and the Shadow Gang busted out in to a grand shootout, until Sundance had taken all of them down by himself! Sundance had saved the girl, saved the kamp, and saved the day! Celebration was in order! So we busted a move out on to the dance floor, and danced till our cowboy boots couldn't take no more!

Last night truly was something magical, though. I am not sure if it was all the costumes, the setting, or the combination of both. But something about walking out in to the party with my cowboy boots and hat on, and seeing all of the costumes out there really was something unforgettable. It is parties like these where you have to pinch yourself just to see if its real, if you truly are at the happiest place on Earth!

We love to make sure that we post lots of great pictures for everyone to see on the blog...but we wanted everyone to be able to take a walk through Dodge City and see what all the fuss was about last night! The video of last night is below, we hope everyone enjoys! And as always, be sure to follow K-Kountry on twitter (@KanakukKKountry), or if Instagram is more of your flavor we are on there now as well too (kkountry)!

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