Why we do kamp

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We touched on this on our twitter account last night (@KanakukKKountry), but I just wanted to go back over it briefly here. Last night was K-Life #5, an incredibly spiritual and emotional night here at K-Kountry. K-Life #5 is a big deal because it is the culmination of all of the spiritual investment we have had during the entire term. Taking everything we have learned at every morning devotional, every bible class, every evening devotional, and combining it with the gospel skit at K-Life. 

We love to have an incredible amount of fun here at K-Kountry, but the reason we have fun is to build on so much more than what this world has to offer. The whole reason we have a zipline, the reason we have ski trip, the reason why we ride the slides, is so that we may have an opportunity to minister to these kids and show them the gospel.

At K-Kountry we have a tradition that whenever anyone accepts Jesus in to their lives for the first time, they ring a bell at the office porch to let the entire kamp hear and celebrate their decision. Every counselor and camper upon hearing the bell rings, celebrates with such unbelievable joy at the sound; for they know just how incredible the meaning is behind it. This sound, the life found in our Lord, is the entire reason we do kamp. Last night hearing the bell ring time after time, was truly life changing. To visually see the work God has done in this place is beyond words. Parents, family, and friends, thank you so much for all of your prayers for last night! The Lord has blessed this place and worked through it to spread his mission and Kingdom. What an incredible night!

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