Christ is King

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Here at K-Kountry one of our most definitive themes is to constantly serve and honor kids. To show these kids love and affection, so that they may see the love of God we have in our hearts. Our job is not change lives, but instead to create a foundation of love and trust with every single kid that comes through the K-Kountry gates. We spiritually invest in every single person here at kamp, yet there is nothing that we ourselves can do to change lives.

This in itself, is why it is so incredible to see the miracles that happen at K-Kountry every day. To be able to physically see the fruit of the Holy Spirit come to fruition is beyond belief. One such instance of this happened last night, on the very last night of term 1, when a little girl told her counselors and parents that she would like to accept Jesus in to her heart and be baptized at kamp.

To be able to stand there next to our Director, Collin Sparks, and hear him talk to this little girl about what baptism means is something that would be impossible to forget. As I stood there I got chills just seeing the joy on this girl's face as she was overflowing with her newfound love for her Savior. It was touched on just two days ago, but this really is why we do kamp. It is without a doubt the most beautiful thing you can ever witness, a person being reborn; but not in to this world, but in to something so much better. We hope you all enjoy the quick video, and ask that you please continue to pray for this place and for the kid's hearts!

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