Tribal Night

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kanakuk, a tradition steeped in rich history throughout the years; yet a word that most don't actually know the meaning of. Kanakuk is a word that is native to the land K-Kountry lies on, left behind many generations ago, long before Uncle Bill Lantz and Spike White took over Kanakuk. Kanakuk which means "the loved one" comes to life in such a new way every term, but very specifically on a night like tonight.

Whether you are a returning kamper, or this is your first time to K-Kountry, tribal night is a night to remember. Day is turning to night, the sun is setting across the field, and competition is growing thick in the sunlit air. Kampers who have been here before eagerly await with their tribe to find out the names of their new Choctaw/Cherokee brothers, or Kickapoo/Kiowa sisters. New kampers stand before all as their name and tribe are announced; and it doesn't even take a split second to hear the eruption of cheers as the new member of their tribe joins their brothers or sisters.

To see the faces of the children light up as they are taken back in time to a world unlike any other they have ever seen before truly is something magical. Boys are made in to little warriors, as the girls become little princesses.

It has been 87 snows to snows since Kanakuk began; though the competition is put aside in the winter, it is now time for competition to reign once again on Kanakuk hill.

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