We Have Arrived

Saturday, March 10, 2012

We are here!  We made it safely to Haiti with almost no trouble.  Thank you Lord.  We stayed last night in Miami and then flew to Port-au-Prince early this morning.  We met the NVM staff at the airport and headed 13 miles (which took us 45 minutes) to the NVM campus in Chamburn.

We have spent most of the day getting settled, doing some orientation, and hanging out together.  We even managed to fit in a little basketball.

Waiting for the Airport Shuttle in Miami

On the bus in Haiti

Arriving at the NVM Campus

Receiving Instructions from NVM Staff

Getting Unpacked

Playing Hoops

Tomorrow is going to be a full day.  There seems to be a little discrepancy about the time change tonight.  Haiti has never aknowleded daylights savings time, but the President just announced that they would…but none of the Haiti people even know what it means since they have never done it.  All that to say…we have no idea what time church starts tomorrow.  We will worship with about 600 Haitians tomorrow morning here on the NVM Campus and then host a "field day" for all of the kids, so everybody is excited for what tomorrow holds.

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