Haiti Mission Trip - Day 2

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Today was Sunday, so we started the day off at church.  It is always such a neat experience to worship the Lord next to the Haitian people in a different language.  I don't think the guys were used to a 3 hour church service, but it was a great experience for them.

At the service, they asked us to come up and sing.  Kind of threw us for a loop, but we pulled it off Kanakuk style…

After lunch, the church invited about 150 kids from a nearby village to come play at the NVM campus.  We played soccer, gave piggy back rides, and even broke out the water balloon launcher…which was a huge hit.  

At Church

Singing At Church

Getting Everybody Involved

Field Day

Hanging Out

Everybody is pretty wiped from today.  Tomorrow is going to be a full day.  We will be working here on campus in the morning and then heading to a nearby village to run "camp" for the kids.  Should be fun!

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