Serving In Haiti

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Every year, I take a handful of 14 year old Kanakuk kampers somewhere in the world to serve.  Somewhere in the world where they can grasp the beauty of God and His work among the nations.  It is one thing to hear about about it and see it on TV, but it is another thing to touch it, feel it, and experience it.  I want them to see a bigger picture of God's Kingdom and His love for the nations!

So…this week, we are in Haiti serving with Nehemiah Vision Ministries.  I have always had a heart for this country and it is fun to be back with this crew.  

We covet your prayers this week.  We are praying expectantly for big things. 

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Unknown said...

Mr Tig - finally KOUBA has gone international! Hope you guys have an incredible trip - be safe.