Haiti Mission Trip - Day 3

Monday, March 12, 2012

We hit the ground running today.  After breakfast, we went to work.  Half of the crew finished painting the roof of their new office while the rest of us finished up their prayer garden.  We got some paint on us, moved lots of rocks, and had a lot of fun.

Of course, you only have about 30 minutes of solid work with Jr.High kids.  The minute the kids hit the playground next to us, our guys dropped their shovels and were off to play with kids.  They love those kids!

After lunch, it was game time.  With only about 30 minutes to plan, we packed up balls, crafts, jump ropes, and about 300 water balloons.  They bussed our crew (along with 6 Haitian translators) to a nearby remote village where we ran "camp" for two hours for about 150 village kids.  We didn't know how many were going to show up…but they showed up….all 150 of them plus about 100 adults to just see what all the laughter and chaos was.  It was madness..but so fun!  We had a craft station, soccer station, jump rope station, relay races, but the big hit was the water balloon launcher.  Their minds were blown at how high we could shoot a water balloon in the sky and then try to catch it.  The love it.

Tonight after dinner, we got to hear Pastor Pierre share his testimony.  It was incredible to hear his story and how God has blessed him and his ministry to the Haitian people.

We also had some incredible discussion tonight with the guys.  It is so fun to watch the guys learning and the Lord using this experience to expand their view of His Kingdom and what is important in life.  What are we living for?  Things?  Money?  Happiness?  or Jesus?  They are catching it and it is fun to watch.


Marsha said...

Collin - so glad to see the photos of your trip and all the beautiful faces of kids. Thankful you arrived safely and are having a good week. Know the boys are enjoying it and learning a lot. You are a great leader...especially song leader:) Will await each day's photos with excitement. Blessings of understanding, compassion, growth, safety, and love to all. Mom

Tracy Jones said...

We love the daily description of your day and the photos of you and the kids! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Thank you so much for all that you are doing in His name!!!!!