Haiti Mission Trip - Day 4

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It was another great day in Haiti for the Kanakuk crew.  Time is flying by and we are loving our time here serving NVM and the people of Haiti. 

Today was pretty similar to yesterday.  We spent the morning getting our work on with a little manual labor.  One crew finished painting the roof of the clinic while the other team spent several hours raking rocks so that we could build a new pathway for the school.  It was nice to work hard and see the finished results.

Today, one of the K-Kountry Chiefs from last summer, Nathan Pierre, and his sister joined us.  Their dad is the one who started NVM and they live here in Haiti.  It was so fun to have them with us all day.  

In the afternoon, we walked down the road to a nearby village called Chambrun to run "camp for a day." Once again, we broke out the crafts, the soccer ball, the jump rope, the water balloon toss, and of course we launched some more balloons.  We had about 100 kids and it was way more relaxed and calm.  The kids of Chambrun were so polite and had the times of their lives.

You can't come to Haiti with long hair and not expect the girls to do some work on it.  Once we broke out the hair rubber bands, the guys found out really quick how they do hair in Haiti.

Of course, we ended our time in Chambrun with a bang.  We did a funny skit, Pruitt shared his testimony, and we prayed for several kids that wanted to know Jesus.  It was a special time with this kids and a great way to end another day here in Haiti.

For our last full day, tomorrow we are off to one of the tent cities to run camp once again.  Should be awesome!

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