What does Parent's Day look like?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Parents, friends, family! The time has almost come for the special moment of reuniting with your children here at K-Kountry, and we just wanted to give you a heads up of what the day will look like! For the first half of the day we will have a mostly regular schedule here in kamp (klinics, free time, etc.), followed by lunch and rest period. After that, however, is when the Parent's Day schedule begins.

At 4:30 the gates of K-Kountry will open for all, it would not be a bad idea though to arrive a few minutes before to pick up your kid's luggage. All of the luggage will be located up on our parking fields across the street; if you were here to drop off your kid at the beginning of the term, this will be the same spot as before. If you were not here, however, don't worry as there are plenty of signs to direct you on where to go.

After the gates have opened, and you have picked up any luggage, all of the kampers and our staff will be waiting to welcome you down at the K-Dome (our basketball court). It goes without saying that this is undoubtedly an incredible time, as smiles and stories of the past two weeks fill the area! The rest of the night is focused on showing at least a sample of what has been happening at kamp over the last two weeks, as well as honoring each and every kid at every possible moment. If there is one thing we love to do at kamp, it is to make sure every kid that walks through those gates knows how incredible they truly are! 

We are only hours away at this point, so parents, we can't wait to see you!

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