Nursery Rhymes & Crimes

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Eency Weency spider climbed up the water spout; down came the rain and Humpdy Dumpdy had a great fall! All the King's horses and all the King's men stuck a feather in their hat and called it macaroni! So Twinkle, twinkle, little star, POP! Goes the weasel! Its Nursery Rhymes & Crimes!

Last night all of the greatest nursery rhymes figures transformed from simple stories and dreams, in to some of the most amazing characters ever seen at K-Kountry! From Jack and Jill to the Muffin Man, it was an amazing spectacle to see stories become reality and for dreams to become memories that will last a lifetime!

Our party started this morning when we all found out that one of our favorite K-Life characters, Mother Goose, had gone missing. Stories just never would be the same again if we couldn't find her! The task? Find Mother Goose. How? With the help of all of our new nursery rhyme friends!

As we travled around kamp with our barns, we looked to try and find any clues that may have been left behind from Mother Goose's disappearance. Separately, each clue didn't quite seem to make sense; but as we came together to combine what we had found, all of the pieces to the puzzle started to fall in to place!

Once all of the clues were put together, we discovered where Mother Goose had been! Mother Goose was back, the day was saved, and the most fantastic of stories would once again be told! You know what that means around here at K-Kountry when you save the day though right?...Ice cream dance party! It had been an incredible night, full of unbelievable characters! K-Kountry had once again saved the day, in the most incredibly fun way possible yet again!

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