Super Sunday

Saturday, June 8, 2013

At K-Kountry, we have so much fun that the rules of calendars don't even apply to us! Wait..what? Lets take a step back, dissect that sentence, and try to make some sense of it. Today at K-Kountry was like every day at the Kountryside, absolutely amazing! That said, today was unlike most days at kamp, in that Sunday was seen on a Saturday.

Because today was change over day for our first term of one-weekers, we had our Super Sunday today for the two-weekers. We started the day off by getting a little bit of extra sleep, and a whole heaping of our signature coffee cake at breakfast! 

After breakfast, we all made our way down to our outdoors nature amphitheater for church. The message today was a familiar one, but one that rings truer every year that passes: The story of Johnny Ferrier and the I'm Third lifestyle. The I'm Third lifestyle is a simple motto that creates an incredible life change. Put simply, I'm Third means: God First, Others Second, and I'm Third.

Church was just the tip of the iceberg of fun to be had at K-Kountry today though. After church, we had an all morning free time where everything from the trapeze, pool slides, and blob were open for everyone to enjoy! 

In between morning free time, grilled chicken lunch, and all of the fun sandwiched in there, we welcomed all of the new one-weekers to kamp! Seeing the faces of every child light up as they are announced at the platform is something I can say I have never seen anywhere else. While I may be biased here, I can easily say that the experience of honoring the kids in this way is something so special and something that every single child should experience! 

While the new one-weekers were finding out which barn they would be in for the term, our two-weekers were enjoying our wet n' wild part of Super Sunday! Each kamper went around with their barn to six different stations, such as water gun fights, drip, drip, splash (duck, duck, goose), and water balloon freeze tag. Each station certainly had its dose of everyone getting soaked, but even more than its fair share of fun! While today may not have fit in with the calendar, it absolutely fit in with everyday at K-Kountry: The best day ever!


Unknown said...

Something tells me that EVERY DAY at K-Kountry is the best day ever!

K-Kountry said...

You would be more than correct there Dean! Happiest Place on Earth!