Luminosity Atrocity!

Friday, June 14, 2013

There are moments in life that you will never be able to forget, so amazing that they will forever be cherished in your mind, incredible beyond incredible, and memories that outlast memories...or as we like to call them around here: moments of wonder. Last night was one of them.

Last night here at K-Kountry was the Luminosity Atrocity party, a party so audacious and so grand that it truly is hard to put in to words. Walking in to the dining hall last night, it was immediately obvious that the night would be something truly special! Looking out amongst all of the kampers and seeing all of the various types of neon yellow, green, orange, and more was the first sign that this party was going to be unbelievably fun!

The party didn't truly start, however, until we all made our way up to Barn 13 to take part in an incredible light dance! Every kamper and every staff had a foam LED glow-stick that was sparkling, shining, and going absolutely crazy with the music! It was something else seeing the looks on all of the kampers faces as they jumped around with the music and the lights in pure joy!

We couldn't stop at just having a dance party, though...we had to take it to the next level! Following the dance party we had a full scale neon spray tag - capture the flag game! Put simply: it was craaaaaaazy! The lower fields of K-Kountry have never been filled with so much neon, and so many bright colors! As the two teams blurred across the field, the fun and laughter could be seen and heard everywhere!

Did we mention how incredible this party was? If not, lets take a moment to reflect on the absolute best part: The Grand Finale! The night was wrapped up in the only way K-Kountry knows how to, having the most fun possible every single second! Our K-Dome was completely transferred in to a glow in the dark, foam filled dance floor! The music was incredible, the foam cascading in was nothing short of spectacular, and the night in its entirety was undoubtedly full of moments of wonder that would last a lifetime! As one Barn 1 kamper put it, "This was a dream come true!" 

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