Man Day / Chica Dia

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Every term, the guys and girls break up to celebrate…well, themselves.  The guys do what guys do and the girls do what girls do.  Man Day and Chica Dia is always one of the most fun days of kamp and hilarious to watch.

We started the day with Character Kamp.  Every Wednesday, we break all the kampers up by age and teach them a “character virtue.”  Here is a picture of the 6 and 7 year old boys flexing their muscles after learning about the virtue of “patience” with Sparky. 


After sleeping in and waking up to a wonderful breakfast, the girls had “high heel races” to start off the day. 


After a little competition, the girls spent the morning at the Chica Dia Carnival eating cupcakes, playing games, painting nails, and sitting around the pool just being girls!




Meanwhile, on the other side of kamp…the boys were being boys.  Each cabin was competing in the “Mancathlon Challenge” with competitions such as Artillery Training with water balloons, the great Hot Dog Decorating Contest, the War Ball Combine, and of course, the Hygiene Relay. 




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Emily Crane said...

oh my goodness...reading this blog makes me want to be at kamp right this minute!! thinking about and praying for y'all from the other side of the world :) it seems the lord has continued to protect and prosper the happiest place on earth! give those kiddos some extra loving from me!