A Knight at the Faire

Sunday, June 12, 2011

On Friday night, K-Kountry was transformed into a Kingdom full of knights, princesses, dragons, dukes, earls, and wonder!   I have seen lots of parties at kamp over the years, but this one was special. 

For the boys…the swords and shields were out in full force ready to conquer the world.  Meanwhile, the girls were dressed like princesses with hair up ready for the grand festivities.  It was so magical to watch these little knights and princess parade through the giant castle walls with a sense of wonder written all over their face.

We started the night at the Kings Table.  The K-Kountry Dining Hall was transformed into a medieval wonderland with chicken drumsticks, fried okra, and corn on the cob all on the menu.  Of course, we didn’t use any silverware.


At the party, a slight haze filled the air as the sun set beautifully behind the trees.  The streets were alive with the hustle and bustle of chivalry and games as the kampers competed for silver coins and a chance to buy coke, candy, and popcorn. 





The night ended just like any medieval party should end.  With a great sword fight between two knights and the princess being carried off into the sunset by her prince.  It was a wonderful end to a party that I will not forget. 

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