Best Role Models in the World

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here at Kanakuk, our vision is to equip and evangelize the next generation.  For the past 86 years, we  have accomplished this vision by placing godly college students in kids lives. These kampers get to see the Gospel lived out right before their eyes as these “role models” serve them, love them, care for them, and share with them.

Here at K-Kountry, we feel so blessed to have such incredible staff who run hard after Jesus so that kids would see Christ through them.  It is amazing to watch how the Lord uses these role models to impact kids lives forever!




As I was down on the lower fields today, I came across two of our staff working with a kamper on his baseball swing after the period ended.  They worked with him, coached him, and encouraged him.  It wasn’t about the baseball swing.  It was about his confidence and finding a little success that  he can built upon.  It is so fun to watch these types of “confidence builders” every day and how the Lord uses them to encourage these little hearts.


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