Man Day and Chica Dia

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yesterday was an incredible day at K-Kountry.   It was the day when boys will be boys and girls will be girls.  Man Day and Chica Dia is consistently a kamper favorite and yesterday was no exception!


It was a hot day here at K-Kountry, so the girls wasted no time in breaking out the water balloons. 


Cupcake Decorating!  The girl got to use icing bags, sprinkles, and lots of creativity to make beautiful and yummy cupcakes.


Spa time at the Pool!   Nail painting, and floating in the pool with refreshing cucumber slices on our eyes.


Craft time!  Making Diva hair clips.


The day culminates with a Miss K-Kountry Pageant.  Everyone is a star!  Each barn gets to dress up one of their counselors and show off a talent together.  At the end of the pageant there is a quick talk that reminds all of the girls how they are created perfectly by the Lord, and that having Jesus at the center of their life is the most important thing.

Meanwhile, the boys were down on the lower fields doing what boys do best: getting dirty, playing football, and celebrating all things manly.


Playing a little Ultimate Frisbee…except with an octopus.  Yuck.


Learning how to grill.  Also a little BBQ taste test.


What would Man Day be without a little mud war!



After washing off, the boys finished the day with the Air It Out Championship down under the lights on the lower fields.



What a great day! 4th Term is flying by and we have loved every minute of it.

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