Around the World

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tonight was our second party of the term.  We defied the laws of gravity, time, and space to transport our kampers to far off places across the globe.  All of this was of course done with great K-Kounty flair, excitement, and a little imagination.   The main street of K-Kountry took on a carnival feel, filled with fun snacks, face painting, street performers, tourists, and activities that represented each different country.  We don’t claim that each station was truly authentic, but they sure were fun!


At each country when an activity was completed the kampers got their passports stamped.  The more stamps they got, the more snacks they were eligible to receive.


Great costumes from around the world.


Goal Kicks in Brazil


DSC_8920 DSC_8879 DSC_8883 DSC_8887

Spaghetti throwing in Italy


Sumo wrestling in China

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