A Day of Champions

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We had an absolutely beautiful day today!  The weather was gorgeous, great sunshine and the perfect temperature.   Today was also our Track and Tournament day in camp.   It is a day that we celebrate achievements of all kinds.  It is a day that an ordinary sand pit becomes a place were records can be set in the long jump.   An simple mat and a pole are used to build confidence in a kamper that has never done the high jump before.  

At K-Kountry one of our goals is to make each kamper feel like a hero in something.  If it is drawing, sports, music, or anything else, we believe that everyone is amazing at something.  We hope that even through a track and tournament event, there were heroes born.  As a kamper crossed the finish line in the 30 yard dash they were cheered for if they came in first or last place.  There were staff at each event to lift kids up on their shoulders no matter where they finished.   It is so fun to honor as many kids as we can, knowing that even a small ribbon for the softball throw can build confidence for a lifetime. 




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