Opening Day, Term 4

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Yesterday was the kick off for the fourth term of the summer, and we could not possibly be any more excited! Easily one of my favorite Kanakuk traditions is the opening day announcements. There is something so unbelievably special about being put on a platform (literally) in front of all of the coolest counselors in the world, and hearing how excited they are just to see you!

As each counselor goes crazy for the announcement of each kamper, you can see the glow of their smile begin to build and build. While it may be just a half minute or so, being shown how much you are cared for right away in a new place goes beyond words. To be able to watch all of our new kampers here at K-Kountry come through the gates and enter in to The Happiest Place on Earth with the greatest smiles ever is an incredible privilege!

The fun didn't stop at the platform, however, as we made sure to welcome kampers in the other best way possible: a great dinner and K-Life! Theres nothing quite like a picnic by the lake followed up by the Kanakuk classic that is K-Life! At K-Life we saw some crazy new characters, such as the Dutch Boys, as well as some old friends from summers past like Gizmo.

Yesterday was an incredible day, and only served to show how much fun this term is going to be! The blob is ready and waiting, the zipline gearing to go, and everyone is finally here to have some fun! Fourth term of the summer: here we go!

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