Being Intentional

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer" - Romans 12:12

Today I had the privilege of going out on ski trip with Kuk Barns 9 and 10, and honestly it could not have been any more fun! One of the best parts of ski trip is the opportunity to take one morning and get to know a group of kids that are in your boat in such a different and intentional way. There aren't many times at kamp that you are in the same place, let alone an entire morning. Because of this, ski trip gives such a great opportunity of being around the same kids for such an extended period.

While ski trip is always such a fun experience, today was special because of a pair of counselors that went the extra mile to make sure a group of kids had an unbelievable day. It became apparent that a few of the kids in my boat were hesitant and a little afraid to either get in the water or ride on the tube behind the boat. The greatest thing about this though, was how the two counselors jumped in. Taking the opportunity to dig in, and be intentional with these kampers. Making the time to get on their level and help them understand that they were safe, that they were there for them; building up their confidence, and giving them a platform to succeed.

By the end of the ski trip each kamper had the biggest grin on their face, having grown in their ability to conquer their fears. It was such an honor to take the morning to be able to get to hang out with these awesome group of kampers, and an incredible sight to be able to watch these counselors as they took the time to make sure each and every kamper had the greatest day of their lives! And if you can't tell by the picture above, it truly was an absolute blast!

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