Home Again, Home Again!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First of all, I’m sorry that we have been so poor at updating the blog and letting everybody know what has been happening in the K-World the last few months.  We have been on the road since October, but are back home and blogging again.

Road Ahead

For the last 7 weeks, Mr. Tig, Kara, Rachel, and myself have logged thousands of miles as we have criss-crossed the country visiting so many of you.  We have traveled thousands of miles to Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.  It has been a blast to see so many K-Kountry friends from all over the country.  We are counting down the days until summer.

It is good to be back home for the holidays though.  Like they say, there is no place like home…and we agree!

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