Emily Chilson Heads to Afghanistan

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Former K-Kountry kamper and staff member, Emily Chilson, is currently serving in the Air Force as a Public Affairs Officer and is headed to Afghanistan sometime this month. 

Emily is originally from Memphis and graduated from TCU (Go Frogs!) in 2008 as a Second Lieutenant in the USAF.  For the past two years, Emily has been stationed at Shaw AFB in Sumter, SC.   For the last three months, she has been at Camp Atterbury in Indiana receiving training in counter insurgency, consequence management, and urban operations.  She has also spent time at Indiana University learning to speak some Pashto, the most prominent language spoken in the Paktika Province where Emily will be.

At K-Kountry, Emily was better known as “JetStream” for her role in the 2007 RocketSquad Gospel Skit.  We are huge Emily Chilson fans and pray God’s blessing and protection on her while she serves our country. 

Proud of you Emily!

Emily - Armored vehicle

Emily and her two interpreters!

Emily with her two interpreters.


Emily playing “JetStream” in the 2007 Gospel Skit at K-Kountry.

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