Opening Day Term 6!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wow, we can hardly believe that term 6 for two weekers and term 11 for one weekers has just started.  We have been waiting and preparing for these kids all summer.   These are our last sessions, but we honestly have saved the best for last.  This is the blow out term when we are so excited to give everything we have and not leave one ounce of energy on the table.  The skits are going to even be more hilarious, and the parties even more over the top!  

Yesterday was a phenomenal opening day.  At K-Kountry one of our goals is to make every kamper feel like a hero.   That starts even with how we welcome our kampers into kamp.   Every kamper is introduced and welcomed with excitement by their counselors.  We are so proud of our staff to cheer with everything they have in the heat of the day, brimming with excitement to meet their new kids!

We are ready for a great term!  Tonight is tribal night in kamp.  It is a magical night to carry on the tradition of out tribal competition between the Kickapoos and Kiowas, Choctaws and Cherokees. 


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