Ecuador Mission Trip - Day 2

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well...we are having a blast here in Ecuador.  Today was our first full day here and it was packed full of sun, kids, paint, Jesus, volcanos, and guacamole.  We spent most of our day at the Carpungo school where we played with the kids.  After lunch, we found ourselves doing a little painting around the school to help them out.  The sun was out and shining so the sunscreen was in full effect today.  After leaving the school, we headed to the mountains and took a gondola to the top of an active volcano.  It was a really fun experience with incredible views...not to mention cool temperatures at 14,000 feet.  We capped off the day with an authentic Ecuadorian meal.  We were hungry and ready for bed.  Here is a video recap of the day...

Here are some pictures from today:

It has been really fun to watch the boys catching the vision for loving on the people of Ecuador.  It was only day 2, but we have had some great discussions at night of how the Lord is working in our lives here.

Tomorrow, we are headed 2 hours north of Quito to Otavalo.  We will be there for the next two days working with a rural school, visiting some waterfalls, shopping at an Indian Market, and going to an Ecuadorian church on Sunday.  We will travel back to Quito on Sunday night.  I'm not sure what our internet access will be like the next 48 hours, so it might be Sunday night before we get anything posted.

Until then, keep praying for us.  We sure appreciate it.

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KCCookie said...

Oh geeze Austin I was in Otavalo for the 2 weeks I was in Ecuador! That is insane